Acai Smoothie Bowls

Julie                                                                                                                                        March 31st, 2016

This year smoothie bowls have become so popular. Beautiful, fruity bowls are posted on Instagram, Pinterest, and all over Tumblr. Many sources also inquire that the bowls are very healthy and great for quick mornings because you can refrigerate smoothies. I wanted to try one of these so bad, so finally I decided to pause my Netflix shows and hop off the couch to the kitchen (which took a lot of effort still).

My first attempt to make a smoothie bowl did not go so well, sort of like the one in the picture below.

The smoothie was really runny and was exactly like a fruit soup. This kind of thickness might be perfect for some people, but I wanted a thick paste like ice cream to wake me up in the mornings or just for a light snack.

I then learned that to make the smoothie bowl thicker you have to go purchase a package of this acai paste stuff. All you then have to do is add the pack of acai berry to your smoothie mix and create a smoothie mix.

I will include a great recipe for a smoothie bowl that worked out really successfully for me.

Smoothie bowls are such a creative way to spice up your daily breakfasts and add some fun toppings on top. Send me some pictures if you decide to try some smoothie bowls!



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