Julie and Julia

Julie                                                                                                                                           April 4th, 2016

There was more than one reason why I decided to start this food blog. One reason was just that I absolutely love to cook and I feel like I am pretty skilled for my age. Another reason was that I simply love food. Food is bae! Some girls daze off and dream about boys, but I dream about food. The Food Network was my other inspiration because I felt like show spoke to me, and I admired watching all the talented or worst cooks in America show the world their culinary masters. But the biggest reason that I started this blog was because of the movie based off of Julia Child, called “Julie and Julia”. A fun fact about the movie is that the movie is based off two true stories. It’s all about Julia Child’s beginning of cooking and how she attended the culinary school in Paris called “Cordon Bleu”and how she published her first cook book. At the same time in the movie, another lady named Julie has started a blog where every day she makes a recipe from Julia Childs Cookbook and records on it every day. Her goal was to complete all the recipes (564 recipes) in 365 days! This movie truly inspired me, because I love to describe and write about food, as well as my name is in the movie.

Here is the movie cover:


I think the director chose two great, strong actors to portray the roles for this movie because they really fit the characters personality. Sadly this movie isn’t on Netflix, but I’m sure it’s available to rent or watch on another streaming app.

Are you inspired by anything? A movie maybe? Leave comments below. I would love to hear you feedback and inspiration!




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