Top Restaurants in Calgary

Julie                                                                                                                                April 6th, 2016

Do you ever feel that people who travel to your city for about a week find out more about the city than you? Tourists go to about three attractions a day, which I visit maybe in a year. For example, when these two Australian girls came to Calgary, they went to almost every spot in Calgary, that I had never even heard about. If you want to be more local in your city or find some good places to chill and eat in Calgary then keep reading…


  1. Cibo

This beautiful Italian spot in Downtown, Calgary is best known for their plates best shared with friends. They are the perfect size to share with a group of friends or special someone. Some of my favorite dishes are the bruschetta and their homemade crepe.

2. Famoso Neopolitan Pizza

This is definitely my favorite pizza joint in all of Canada! They have so many different kinds of pizza that fit everyone’s needs. A great kind would be the sliced apple and pine nut pizza.

3. Globefish

Globefish is a great place to get classic and new kinds of sushi. The service is great, and the place is always buzzing with new customers.

4. River Cafe

This restaurant definitely has the most magnificent location. Its situated right near the bow river on Prince’s Island Park. The River Cafe has a wonderful menu and a great Sunday Brunch.

5. Peter’s Drive In

If you ever come to Calgary you must try a milkshake from Peter’s. This place is so popular that even in the Winter on a Tuesday night people will be lining up outside to order fries and a milkshake.

6. Buttermilk Fine Waffles

This restaurant is definitely the most photo worthy. any waffle you order will be delicious and look so appealing.

Check out these places if you haven’t already.



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